Improving maintenance and repair processes in the aeronautical sector

Improving maintenance and repair processes in the aeronautical sector

Maintaining and repairing aeronautical components requires cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. In this context, the HTS furnace with the FIC vacuum thermo/chemical process represents an innovative and highly efficient solution for cleaning aeronautical parts during the repair process.

Features of the HTS FIC Furnace

The HTS FIC furnace utilizes a vacuum thermo/chemical process, distinguished by its ability to safely and effectively remove oxides and residual coatings from superalloy components. These components are often used in gas turbines for power generation or in aircraft engines, where extreme operating conditions demand top-tier materials and cleaning technologies.

Benefits of the FIC Process

Effective and Safe Cleaning: The FIC process ensures the complete removal of oxides and coatings, preparing components for subsequent regeneration and brazing phases. This is essential to maintain the performance and safety of aeronautical components.

High-Quality Standards: The HTS FIC furnace is designed to meet the strictest quality standards of the aeronautical sector. The precision and reliability of the process ensure that each component is treated with the utmost care, minimizing the risk of defects and enhancing component longevity.

Efficiency in Work Cycles: Thanks to the advanced technology of the HTS FIC furnace, cleaning cycles are optimized to ensure reduced processing times without compromising quality. This increases operational efficiency and reduces downtime for aeronautical equipment.

Applications of the HTS FIC Furnace

Gas Turbines for Power Generation: By ensuring that components are perfectly clean before regeneration, the FIC process helps maintain energy efficiency and operational safety of gas turbines.

Aircraft Engines: In aircraft engines, impeccable cleaning of components is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. The FIC process prepares components for subsequent maintenance phases, improving the reliability and lifespan of the engines.

Excellence and Reliability

The HTS furnace with the FIC vacuum thermo/chemical process is an indispensable solution for companies in the aeronautical sector looking to improve the quality and efficiency of their maintenance and repair processes. Thanks to its ability to ensure safe and effective cleaning of superalloy components, the HTS FIC furnace is synonymous with excellence and reliability in the field of aeronautical maintenance.


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