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In 2022 HTS Vacuum Furnaces celebrates 20 years in business: born as a consulting company, today it produces vacuum and high vacuum furnaces with unique performances in the heat treatment market. Typically Italian intelligence and global vision are the characteristics that distinguish the HTS team, ready to find performing and innovative solutions to the challenges posed every day by partners and customers.



The main milestones

The history



The company

After a short period of service and after-sales assistance on a large fleet of vacuum and high vacuum furnaces, the design and construction of the first vacuum furnaces branded HTS Vacuum Furnaces begins.


The first projects

The first gas quenching furnaces specific for the aerospace, energy and automotive sectors are born. Single-chamber aluminum brazing furnaces and vertical furnaces with top and bottom loading with lifting base are being developed.


Innovative solutions

New projects on tempering furnaces with the development of two new product lines. Study of innovative solutions for the cooling phase (patent). The compact furnace HT-S1 (patent) and the single chamber low pressure cementation furnace (LPC) are born.


First anniversary

Innovation and customer needs lead HTS to develop new projects for the most strategic processes, such as r-CVI (Rapid Chemical Vapor Infiltration), H-FIC (Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning), Sinter-HIP (Diffusion Bonding) furnaces.


Projected to the future

The growth and expansion of the product catalog continues with new works in progress; the next few years will see the HTS team engaged in new challenges to give customers competitive and ahead of their time tools.


Towards the future


HTS Vacuum Furnaces collaborates with partners eager to grow: only with this spirit custom designed vacuum furnaces that create a constant drive for improvement and innovation are created.

HTS Vacuum Furnaces facilitates the process of distributing the value of the ovens produced and the services offered. The certifications allow customers from the most diverse sectors to gain from these benefits.

HTS Vacuum Furnaces studies, designs and creates concrete solutions that arise from the needs of customers. HTS-ONE is the first oven that can be installed in less than 3 square meters with reduced consumption but with excellent performance.

HTS designs and manufactures vacuum furnaces with two objectives: to increase the life of each component and optimize energy savings, reviewing each mechanical, electronic and service component to improve its performance.



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HTS Vacuum Furnaces

HTS is an innovative player among the manufacturers of vacuum furnaces: design and production based on the customer’s objectives.