HTS Vacuum Furnaces: a long history of passion and innovation

HTS Vacuum Furnaces: a long history of passion and innovation

The saga of HTS Vacuum Furnaces comes to life through the skilled hands and ingenuity of the four Battini brothers, whose dedication to the steel industry has been the cornerstone of the company since its inception. Once involved in furnace production, the Battini brothers have been hands-on in every aspect of the process, culminating in the bold idea of creating a new venture focused on high-technology furnaces with unparalleled performance in thermal treatment.

It is in the 2000s that this vision takes shape, aiming to offer timely and efficient service, evolving into a globally recognized production renowned for its quality and reliability. But what truly sets HTS Vacuum Furnaces apart is its ability to listen to the market: from problem prevention to innovative solutions, the company is committed to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

By combining typically Italian ingenuity with a global outlook, HTS Vacuum Furnaces stands out for its ability to tackle daily challenges with cutting-edge solutions, always attentive to the needs of its partners and customers.

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In 2024, HTS Vacuum Furnaces further strengthens its product offering, introducing a new range of furnaces dedicated to metal processing in a protected atmosphere. Among the new products available:

  • Chamber Furnaces. Ideal for treating a wide range of parts, they offer remarkable loading capacity and exceptional performance.
  • Pit Furnaces. With their cylindrical shape and uniform heating, they guarantee unprecedented temperature precision.
  • Car Bottom Furnaces. Designed to handle parts of considerable size and weight, they are perfect for large-scale industrial applications.
  • Bell Furnaces. Flexible and adaptable to specific plant needs, they offer customized solutions for every situation.

With this new product offering, HTS Vacuum Furnaces reaffirms its leadership in metallurgical innovation, poised to venture into new horizons of excellence and unparalleled performance.


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HTS is an innovative player among the manufacturers of vacuum furnaces: design and production based on the customer’s objectives.