Production shutdown: 5 tips to keep your furnace healthy

Production shutdown: 5 tips to keep your furnace healthy

Poor maintenance of machinery, especially in the case of vacuum furnaces which have particular characteristics, can lead to various problems.

Some of these unpleasant conditions are:

1. Malfunction of the control and safety instruments which can generate dangerous situations, such as overheating and interruption of the thermal cycle.

2. Degradation of the gaskets and seals which can have as a consequence important vacuum losses, causing the deterioration of the internal components and consequently requiring more demanding intervention and repair costs.

3. Accumulation of residues and contaminants that can compromise the quality of the result of the treatments.

4. Reduced efficiency and productivity resulting in additional costs and wasted time and resources.

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It is therefore essential to ensure adequate maintenance, especially in the event of production stops, to prevent these risks.

We have identified for you five valuable tips to keep your machinery in excellent health even during the holidays.

1. Cleaning of the thermal chamber from the treatment residues of the vacuum furnaces, to eliminate residues that would compromise the structure of the furnace and the production. This is carried out by qualified personnel, with specific methods and products.

2. Lubrication of the vacuum seals to maintain the hermetic seal of the components which requires the use of suitable products.

3. Checking the resistors and the insulation of the thermal chamber which consists in monitoring and analyzing the various heating components inside the oven and, therefore, also an adequate energy efficiency.

4. Maintenance of the vacuum pumps, mechanical pump and Roots pump to be sure of the correct functioning of these elements when switched on. During these checks it is important to follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions and guidelines for vacuum pump maintenance; details may vary depending on the model and type of pump used in vacuum furnaces.

5. Checking the cooling water circulation condition. This type of check consists in checking if the water circulates correctly in the oven cooling system and if its temperature is stable and adequate to avoid damage to the machinery and the operator.

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The cooling water is intended to maintain an adequate temperature of the vacuum furnace and to prevent overheating of the material inside the furnace and ensures correct heat distribution inside the furnace. To verify the circulating condition of the cooling water, visual checks and measurements are carried out at the inlet and outlet of the pipes.

If problems are found in the circulation of the cooling water, important maintenance interventions may be necessary, such as cleaning the pipes, washing and descaling activities, replacing the gaskets in the event of leaks.

It is also important to check the quality of the water inside the circuits, which is crucial for guaranteeing a better and longer life for the components and for the oven.

Extraordinary maintenance, as well as ordinary maintenance, are essential to keep the oven in efficient and reliable conditions.

Don’t underestimate this aspect, especially during production stops: rely on an expert who will be able to take care of your machinery, or give you the right advice.



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