The HTS preventative cycle

The HTS preventative cycle

The efficiency of the HTS maintenance

A document to limit costs and downtime

The preventive maintenance programme proposed by HTS Vacuum Furnaces is divided into a check-list which, when periodically carried out on the furnace by specialized technicians, helps to keep it functional and productive. Each intervention is carefully planned on the basis of a specific technical document to precisely define the activities necessary for the prevention and maintenance of the furnaces. Costs and downtime can be reduced to a minimum thanks to integrated diagnostic systems that check the status of the system.

Customer care services

Remote HTS maintenance

The online connection with the HTS Vacuum Furnaces support and assistance centre allows you to intervene remotely for the resolution of problems or for the monitoring of the furnace, regardless of your geographical location. Our technicians can connect in real team to the furnace control system and make changes to the programming or to update the program version. This aspect makes the support and coaching activities for customers much easier and faster. Additionally, support during the first stages of use of the furnace, both for use and programming, is an important aspect for a better customer care service.

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A certification on the state of the systems

Following the preventative HTS maintenance, documentation is released which is an excellent tool for assessing the condition of the system. Per il trattamento termico in vuoto è importante che le strumentazioni che rilevano le condizioni all’interno del forno siano non solo affidabili, ma anche e soprattutto attendibili. For vacuum heat treatment is important that the instruments that detect the conditions inside the furnace are not only reliable, but also, and above all, trustworthy. To ensure efficiency, our customer service carries out checks with certified equipment for the release of second-level Accredia comparative reports.

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