CVI furnaces for composite materials or ceramic components treatment

CVI furnaces for composite materials or ceramic components treatment

HTS CVI (Chemical Vapor Infiltration) furnaces are the essential tool for the production of high-performance materials that require thermal and chemical resistance, among other specific properties. They are utilized in many high-profile industrial sectors, ranging from aerospace to automotive, energy, and beyond.

These furnaces are designed to execute the chemical infiltration process efficiently, allowing controlled deposition of ceramic or composite materials onto the surface of base materials like carbon or carbon fiber. In the CVI process, chemical precursors are vaporized and introduced into the furnace, where they react with the base material at elevated temperatures to form dense and resilient layers. The configuration of these furnaces must be highly precise to achieve satisfactory results.

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Excellence in CVI Furnaces

HST Furnaces is the ideal partner for the design and excellence of CVI furnaces (Chemical Vapor Infiltration). We can provide our customers with a complete range of CVI process solutions that fully meet performance and quality expectations, even in the most strategic manufacturing sectors.

Why choose HTS?

Advanced Technology: Our CVI furnaces feature the most advanced technological solutions to ensure controlled and rapid deposition of ceramic or composite materials on your base materials’ surfaces.

  • Unmatched Efficiency: We design our CVI furnaces with a particular focus on energy efficiency, significantly reducing operational costs.
  • Precision and Control: We offer extremely precise control over critical CVI process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and gas flow, to ensure repeatable, high-quality results.
  • Customization: We excel in customization to meet specific customer needs, both in terms of size and production capacity.
  • Optimization: Innovative techniques and solutions adopted by HTS in furnace construction reduce loading and unloading times, enhancing productivity and greatly reducing the risk of breakages during these stages of the production process.
  • Longevity and Reliability: HTS CVI furnaces are built to last, minimizing downtime due to maintenance or repairs.
  • Expert Technical Support: We provide specialized technical support for furnace and accessory selection, from initial consultation to post-sales assistance and scheduled maintenance, to ensure the continuous success of your processes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our products adhere to the strictest safety and environmental regulations for safe and sustainable operations.
  • Innovation: We are constantly committed to research and development of new solutions to improve the performance of our CVI furnaces and offer cutting-edge products in this field as well.



HTS Vacuum Furnaces

HTS is an innovative player among the manufacturers of vacuum furnaces: design and production based on the customer’s objectives.