The HTS vacuum furnaces Srl’s management is committed to proceed a policy that concentrate the customer at the centre of the activities and the continuous improvement of the efficiency of system.
The customer assumes a central role for the successful completion of each individual contract.
It therefore becomes important to know well, already in pre-contract phase, all the requirements applicable to the contract, and develop products uniforms to the requirements.
The Management is particularly attentive to the continuous professional updating of its partners and considers the complete involvement of all company functions to be fundamental to achieve optimization among the various processes.


The HTS vacuum furnaces Srl’s management is fully aware that a responsible economic strategy aimed at the environmental issues derived by its activities, is essential for its success and for the satisfaction of its customers.
Environmental policy is a necessary guideline for setting environmental targets. HTS vacuum furnaces Srl also recognizes that the continuous improvement of its environment performance can lead to the significant commercials and economic advantages, and can satisfy, at the same time, the expectations of environmental improvement related to the territorial context in which the company operates.
The HTS vacuum furnaces Srl is committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of its environmental performance, minimizing, whenever technically possible and economically sustainable, any negative impact on the environment of its activities.
The HTS vacuum furnaces Srl is committed to protecting the environment and preventing its pollution through constant control and monitoring of all activities.
The management commits itself, as far as possible, to using sustainable resources, to mitigate the impacte that the company can have on the ecosystem and comply biodiversity.