Our work is our passion.

For us it’s not just a job, it’s a real passion, faced from the outset with commitment and dedication, to guarantee unbeatable results in terms of reliability, performance and productivity. We believe it’s important to improve, innovative and renew every aspect of what we do, so we are constantly at work on the development of new projects and the improvement of production processes, to grow and offer a wider and wider range of products, services and consulting. We work for growth, our own and that of others.

Raising quality standards is fundamental for improving product reliability; at the same time, this principle does not limit the concept of customisation; quite the contrary, every HTS vacuum furnaces is designed and built to respond specifically to every single customer’s needs, in terms of size, technical and operating characteristics and process control software configuration.

Investing in an HTS vacuum furnaces means purchasing your vacuum furnaces without having to make do with a standard product. This is a very important factor which has won us a market reputation as a flexible producer, responsive to the customer’s needs and the leader in offering the best answer to every specific demand and request.