Our vaccum furnace hardening.

HTS VACUUM FURNACES development team is constantly engaged in the study of new projects for the innovation of their furnaces, in order to offer a product that is always in compliance with the demands of the market. In particular, HTS furnaces for hardening treatment are subject to constant evolution, regarding both their technology and performance; the improvement of every single detail is indeed extremely important to create an innovative and reliable product, able to represent a winning competitive tool for all of our customers. These aspects make HTS furnaces the quality leader on the market.
The following aspects, more than others, distinguish HTS furnaces:

UNIFORMITY – both during heating at various working temperatures and during the cooling phase, the achieved thermal uniformity guarantees homogeneous results on the entire load being treated. In this way, the capabilities of each furnace can be fully exploited.

SPEED – we have achieved excellent results also for the aspects concerning heating capacity and speed during heat
disposal; the development of innovative solutions in the gas circulation system and advanced projects such as PSC (precision speed-control cooling – PATENTED) have led to high cooling speed at lower pressure compared to other competitive products, with excellent results on treated materials.

RELIABILITY – HTS furnace design follows precise rules of quality and care that lead to absolutely successful results
in terms of business continuity of our furnaces; this aspect allows a quick return on investment and a high degree of productive output.

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