New designs and modern methods: the essence of innovation

This has always been the main absolutely distinguishing feature that makes the HTS brand synonymous with quality.

The progress and continual evolution of ideas are the keystone of everything we do; tests on the use of new materials, the development of new designs and research into state-of-the-art solutions all reflect our commitment to consolidating our brand’s status as quality leader on the market. This all leads us to consolidate our construction strategies by concentrating our efforts and synergies where they are really needed..

HTS furnaces are designed using latest-generation software and innovative development techniques; the use of 3D modelling devices and high-tech fluid dynamic simulators enables us to reproduce the behaviour of the most sensitive components in the various working conditions, and is instrumental in research into leading-edge technical solutions, minimising errors during development and assembly. They also help us to optimise our construction processes and raise energy standards, with the end result of optimised use of the resources necessary to operate the furnace and significant reduction in the risk of mechanical failures.