Our vaccum furnaces for aluminium brazing

The vacuum braze welding process of aluminium is simple if some fundamental aspects of the process are known such as the choice of suitable materials, a correct procedure and the features of the furnace. To obtain excellent results from the vacuum braze process, it is essential that the furnace can execute the process in a controlled and punctual manner. Today, the HTS aluminium brazing high vacuum furnaces of the BRSA series are the best products available on the market to perform this type of treatment in a simple, effective and repetitive way. The main features that have led to the success of these furnaces are:

Cleaning process – the braze welding process in vacuum or high vacuum furnace can be carried out in the absence of oxygen and in a state of absolute cleaning of the atmosphere inside the treatment chamber; this allows to obtain excellent quality results on brazing.

Thermal uniformity – to obtain an excellent result on the entire charge it is important that the furnace guarantees the same temperature at every point of the thermal chamber; the solutions provided on the furnaces helped us to achieve exceptional and guaranteed results over time.

Custom configuration of devices – the standard equipment provided by HTS for these furnaces is adapted to the expectations of the most demanding customers. It is however possible to request to customize the furnace with the devices that comply with the AMS2750 and Nadcap (Aerospace Industry), Aiag CQI-9 (Automotive Industry) standards or other certifications and regulations or process.

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