Solubilization furnaces

Titanium & aluminium

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Titanium & Aluminium solubilization furnaces

Titanium & Aluminium Solubilization Furnaces are designed to ensure the best treatment of titanium and aluminum parts. They are made up of an electric heating bell body with vertical handling and a water cooling tank located at the bottom. the movement of the load is guarantee by a very speed elevator system; the lifting of the heating unit is carried out by means of a four-column electrohydraulic lift.



Tech specs

Solubilization furnaces

Horizontal loading
TOTAL WEIGHT t 3,5 3,7 4,1 4,8 5,2
OVERALL DIMENSIONS (WIDHT/HEIGHT/DEPTH) m 3,6x3,5x4,2 3,6x3,4x4,4 3,8x3,7x4,5 3,9x3,8x4,7 3,9x3,8x4,9
PIT FOR WATER TANK (DEPTH) m 2,8 2,8 3 3,2 3,2
USEFUL WORKING SPACE cm 50x50x50 50x40x70 60x60x60 70x70x70 70x70x100
MAXIMUM LOAD kg 200 250 300 400 500
MAX WORKING TEMPERATURE °C 400 ÷ 1100 400 ÷ 1100 400 ÷ 1100 400 ÷ 1100 400 ÷ 1100
WATER COOLING TANK VOLUME L 3500 4200 4200 6500 9300

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Loading Method

Horizontal loading


Vacuum Level

Air and controlled atmosphere


Work temperature

Low and middle


Cooling speed

Polimer and water

Solubilization Furnaces

Options available

  • Protected atmosphere kit (nitrogen/ Argon)
  • Controlled temperature on water tank
  • Atmosphere agitation kit
  • Main additional kits: security - aerokit - dual gas

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HTS Vacuum Furnaces

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