The HFIC System: excellence in thermal treatment for the aerospace industry.

The HFIC System: excellence in thermal treatment for the aerospace industry.

In addition to the renowned brazing and tempering furnaces, HTS Furnaces offers a highly specialized HFIC (Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning) system. This system refers to a cleaning technique that utilizes hydrofluoric acid (HF) to remove contaminants from solid surfaces and micro-cracks in hot engine parts and gas turbines. This cleaning process is employed during repair stages as part of the maintenance process for these components. The HFIC system by HTS is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the aerospace industry.

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The use of the FIC and HFIC processes proves highly effective in removing stubborn and strongly adherent contaminants, even in hard-to-reach areas. However, it is important to follow specific guidelines and receive proper training before employing this technique, as it requires specialized skills and attention to detail. HTS Furnaces is capable of supporting its customers in defining the correct processes and operating procedures. Furthermore, the company can provide assistance and advice in preparing and configuring the installation areas. Proper preparation of the installation environment is crucial to ensure maximum safety for the system and, most importantly, for the operators responsible for its operation.

NADCAP Certification: assurance of quality and compliance.

Quality and safety standards in the aerospace industry are extremely rigorous. HTS Vacuum Furnaces hold NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) and AMS2750 certifications for heat treatments in the aerospace field. This signifies compliance with the highest global requirements. This feature confirms HTS’s commitment to excellence and guarantees customers production that adheres to industry standards.

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Applications in the Aerospace Sector.

HTS Vacuum Furnaces find extensive applications in the aerospace sector. They are used for the thermal treatment of a wide range of components, such as engine parts, turbines, gears, shafts, housings, and more. These components undergo specific thermal treatments, including quenching, tempering, stress relieving, annealing, thermochemical processes like low-pressure carburizing, aluminizing, or special treatments such as brazing and sintering. These processes aim to improve mechanical properties and resistance to extreme environments. Thanks to vacuum technology, HTS furnaces provide an oxygen- and pollutant-free environment that prevents material oxidation and allows for clean, precise, and controlled thermal treatment.

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