The cutting-edge in heat treatment for turbines

The cutting-edge in heat treatment for turbines

Energy savings and sustainability

HTS furnaces are a state-of-the-art solution for the heat treatment of critical components such as turbine blades and turbine exhaust diffusers. They offer numerous advantages that contribute to efficiency and sustainability of industrial processes. An optimal solution for companies in the energy sector, aerospace, turbine industry, and mechanical engineering.

Imagine an oven that can reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions. HTS furnaces can do it! Thanks to their advanced thermal insulation and reduced thermal inertia, they minimize heat loss. Therefore, thermal energy is used efficiently, saving energy and promoting more sustainable production.

L. Battini (CEO - HTS Furnaces)

“Less maintenance interventions and reduced downtime for the plant? It may sound complicated, but HTS ovens can help you achieve it”.

Thanks to their advanced design and the use of high-quality materials, they require less maintenance compared to other ovens. This means that the plant can operate more continuously and efficiently, increasing the output and profitability of your company.

Heat treatment of critical metals

Let’s delve into detail, for example, the heat treatment of critical metals such as turbine blades or turbine exhaust diffusers. Our ovens guarantee advanced heat treatment processes that improve the mechanical properties and lifespan of these special components. For instance, diffusers made of nickel alloy undergo controlled solubilization in HTS ovens. This strengthens the material structure, increasing its strength and ability to withstand high temperatures and operational stress. This strengthens the material structure, increasing its strength and ability to withstand high temperatures and operational stress.

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Superalloys for turbine blades

And when it comes to superalloys? Turbine blades are made of iron, nickel, and cobalt-based superalloys. These alloys are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and intense mechanical stresses.

HTS furnaces offer specialized heat treatments such as solubilization and aging to ensure a uniform structure, strength, and durability of the blades in high-temperature applications.

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Precision and Reliability

If you are looking for a heat treatment environment to achieve high-quality results for turbines and other critical components, our products are the answer. HTS furnaces with high vacuum provide uniform temperatures, precise control of treatment parameters, and good thermal homogeneity. This ensures structural robustness, resistance to deformations, and optimal long-term performance. With HTS furnaces, you can achieve higher operational efficiency and a more competitive and sustainable production.

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