HTS Vacuum Furnaces will be at ECHT 2023

HTS Vacuum Furnaces will be at ECHT 2023

ECHT 2023: is the leading conference on heat treatment e surface engineering.

HTS Vacuum Furnaces will participate in ECHT 2023 di Genova (Italy) from May 29-31, 2023 @STAND 4.

ECHT is the European conference dedicated to heat treatments, with a strong focus on sustainability. The event, organized by AIM, will host the major players in the metallurgical field from May 29-31, 2023, at the Magazzini del Cotone.

HTS: efficiency and high quality made in Italy

HTS has always combined efficiency and high quality with sustainable industrial production processes. Thanks to constant study and the application of innovative technologies, HTS Vacuum Furnaces is able to offer greater energy efficiency. Another issue that is particularly important to HTS is the limitation of the overall environmental impact of the heat treatment process.

HTS Heat Treatment Furnaces: technology and performance

HTS Vacuum Furnaces’ gas quenching system, which uses a circular thermal chamber, makes heat treatment furnaces much more efficient in terms of quality and results.

HTS systems are capable of providing vacuum heat treatment up to 15 bar of pressure, thanks to the patented PSC cooling system that guarantees speed and precision even at lower pressures.

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HTS: high and low vacuum brazing furnaces

HTS is a company specializing in the production of high and low vacuum brazing furnaces (<<10^-5mbar and <<10^-2mbar, respectively) for various industrial applications.

The main application sectors for these systems are undoubtedly aerospace, automotive, electronics, mechanical and micromechanical engineering, whose treated products must be impeccable in terms of quality and contamination after heat treatment. Low vacuum brazing processes minimize metal sublimation levels, ensuring excellent quality products. The brazing of steel and copper is a widely used process in the production of heat exchangers. The brazing of steel and copper is a widely used process in the production of heat exchangers.

For years, HTS has been committed to designing and building highly customized, quality brazing furnaces that guarantee continuous production cycles at low consumption rates, thereby meeting the demanding needs of the market.

See you at ECHT 2023!

ECHT 2023 at Magazzini del Cotone, Genoa

From May 29-31, 2023




HTS Vacuum Furnaces

HTS is an innovative player among the manufacturers of vacuum furnaces: design and production based on the customer’s objectives.