Design and energy efficiency: the new headquarters of HTS Vacuum Furnaces

Design and energy efficiency: the new headquarters of HTS Vacuum Furnaces

HTS Vacuum Furnaces has recently inaugurated its new headquarters, located next to the existing offices.


The company's commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency is evident in the design of the new facility. This is built with a focus on energy efficiency through the use of high thermal insulation materials, triple-layer glazing and south-facing orientation to maximize natural light and reduce heat loss. These design elements not only reduce the company's environmental impact but also improve employee comfort and productivity.

HTS Vacuum Furnaces has always been renowned for its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products and optimizing energy efficiency.


The new headquarters is just one of HTS' touch points, for a more sustainable future. This philosophy is also and above all reflected in its products, which are designed according to precise criteria.

  • Durable Design

HTS' vacuum furnaces are designed for a long service life thanks to meticulous design and the use of high-quality materials. This longevity results in less maintenance and replacement needs, reducing waste and resource consumption.

  • Energy Optimization

Every mechanical, electronic, and service component undergoes thorough analysis and refinement to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. The goal is to create highly efficient furnaces that can reach high temperatures and pressures while keeping energy consumption under control. Advanced control and monitoring systems further optimize energy use by regulating temperature and pressure to reduce waste and ensure efficient energy use.

  • Sustainable Practices

HTS implements sustainable practices such as reducing emissions, promoting the use of technologies with low environmental impact, and constantly striving to improve energy efficiency.

Combining durability, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices, HTS Vacuum Furnaces offers a sustainable solution for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical. These vacuum furnaces not only reduce resource consumption and environmental impact, but also help build a more sustainable future.

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