The HT-S1 furnace derives from an innovative concept, developed to genuinely meet the needs of a sector with demands not fulfilled by any vacuum furnace producer. Its success is due to the extremely high quality levels of the treatments delivered, while the three sizes available are able to satisfy the requirements of a category of users previously unable to access this technology. Today, top quality heat treatments can be performed even on medium-small sized workpieces, on small batches, or in R&D Laboratory applications.

This furnace is able to perform exactly the same heat treatments as a large-size furnace.

HT-S1 series furnaces are designed and built to meet the needs of those who require quality heat treatment but with production levels that do not justify the purchase of a medium or large furnace. This furnace is easily transported, takes up very little space and does not need accessory structures or plants, all features which make it particularly suitable for use in a variety of industries, even on a mobile basis.

HT-S1 can perform all hardening, solubilization, tempering, quenching and tempering, braze welding, sintering, ageing, stress relieving, and annealing heat treatments; the control system is simple and user-friendly and does not require any particular technical skills. This furnace is perfectly able to perform continual production cycle and with the safety kit it can also operate unattended without risks.

Use without the need for supplementary auxiliary systems means that anyone, even without a specifically industrial background, can learn how to operate this furnace in a very short time.

These furnaces are able to perform exactly the same heat treatments as large-size furnaces.
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